Welcome to eLOOMinate!

You will need to download the p5.serialcontrol App that will allow you to connect your eLOOMinate to your web browser.

Open the p5.serialcontrol App ( you may need to right-click to open) then reload this window. If the app is running, you should see your device listed in the port options below (It will be called /cu/usbserial or something similar)

When eLOOMinate is successfully connected you should see the rainbow startup animation.

Start by selecting your yarn colors and how many stitches wide and tall your pattern will be. The software will automatically and seamlessly repeat the pattern.

Choose two colors:

Number of Stitches:
Number of Rows:

Click on the stitches on your canvas on the right to design your pattern. While you're designing, you can alternate between a zoomed in view of your swatch or the seeing entire repeat.
Your Name:
Scroll down to see other people's designs!
Woohoo! Let's upload your pattern and start knitting!
Please make your window bigger :)